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  • Hand code semantic, standards compliant XHTML and CSS
  • Have an understanding of accessibilty and usability best practices
  • A strong believer in the principles of web standards
  • Implement and hand code jQuery interface plugins and enhancements

CSS / XHTML / Design / jQuery

Designer & Standardista

My focus is on designing websites that are strongly oriented around their content. A website is all about communicating a message. It's the content of that message that brings users back for more, eventually leading to successful conversions.

No matter what your message is, it's essential that a design only contributes in a positive way to the content that it surrounds. It should never get in the way of it. A great design will not glorify itself, but will serve as a pointer to that which deserves to be glorified.

What is a standardista? One who upholds the standards of the web as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. I prefer to lay out all my designs into XHTML and CSS by my own hand. Web design is like no other graphic medium. It requires a perfect blending of form and function. I follow these standards because I believe the internet should be for everyone, no matter what browser, device or operating system a user should happen to be using. I believe in accessibility - following a logical structure and using proper semantics to lay out the design all help to reach this goal.


  • New Directions

    I've decided to take my site into a new direction and a new design. I feel like I need to merge my name and my brand together closer than they are. And while I love this blog design, it's really not as friendly to my content as I would like it to be. The design is too overbearing. So I'm attempting to rethink both Exit42Design and this blog to make them more content friendly. My blog redesign will be the first step in that process and I thought I'd give you a sneak peak! It will employ a fluid grid and a jQuery image scaling plugin I'm developing.

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  • My Inspiration Scrap Doc

    Sometimes I'll come across something I just think looks fantastic. So I'll take a screenshot of it and add it to a document full of other inspirational clippings. So I thought I'd share some of what I've got there with you. Hope it inspires you!

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  • Thoughts on My First Year Freelance Web Designing

    I recently completed my first whole year of freelance web designing, and I thought I would share my experiences. When I first started, I was desperate for someone to tell me what exactly I should be doing to get started, but I couldn't find any blog entries about the topic. So I'll attempt to lay out all the nitty gritty details of how I run my business in the hopes that someone may find it useful.

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